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Creekside Elementary School

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Moreno Valley Unified sending 90,000 books home with elementary students for summer

MVUSD is sending all elementary students home this summer with a bag of books to keep them academically sharp for the two-month break and reduce the effect of the “summer learning deficit.”  This is the third year for the “Spend Your Summer Reading” program initiated by Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora with direction from the School Board. In total, about 90,000 books will be distributed.


Each TK-5 student is receiving six books, along with worksheets and activities. The books and activities bag was coordinated with the help of the book company Scholastic.


Students at Midland Elementary School were first to receive their treasures at an exciting kick-off event. The event featured School Board President Jesus Holguin and Member Susan Smith, along with Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, Scholastic representatives, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.


“Reading is crucially important for academic growth,” said Dr. Kedziora. “These books will provide an opportunity for students to continue to grow during the summer and be ready for the new school year in August.”


All elementary students will receive their book bags before the end of school on June 14.


"We want all students to embrace the joy and power of reading this summer," said Board President Jesus Holguin.


After students finish all of the books in the bag, they are encouraged to make regular visits to the Moreno Valley Library. A weekly trip to the library can become an enjoyable part of the summer for students and their families.